The new Pickpocketing

Contactless payment is one of the new technologies within the payment industry. Small amounts can now be paid without entering your PIN. But criminals can use this technology as well. With a small payment device they also can transfer money from your account. We can call this Contactless Pickpocketing. Cameras are barely capable of registering this and you don’t notice anything.



This new pickpocketing concerns not only your bank card, but it also your credit cards, driving licence and your ID-card or Passport. All those cards and documents have or will get a so called NFC-chip. Criminals can steal more than only your money; they can also get your private data and sometimes this is enough to copy the card.

In this way, gangs can collect a lot of money, as well as a lot of data. And, as with most organized gangs, the man on the street has the highest risk, while the one at the top collects the money. Sometimes an account of a local is temporarily used, but the money is transferred back in no time. Banks cannot easily recognise these kind of transactions and it will be difficult to get your money back.

Some people say that contactless pickpocketing isn’t registered that frequently yet, however, the criminals are not stupid. They use ordinary amounts, to ensure that you don’t detect it immediately.
Some people say that a contactless payment can only be done with an approved POS, which can be recognized by the special symbol on the POS, but this doesn’t mean that it must be a UK-certified POS device. Don’t forget that we have to do with criminals; they think differently about laws and rules and regulations.