There are different ways to prevent yourself against these unwanted harassments with your wallet.


Method Advantage Disadvantage
Wrapping in aluminium foil Very cheap;
Fragile material, can only be used once or twice,
but please, tryout yourself
Using multiple NFC cards Possibly you have this already; your public transport card for instance It isn't a guaranteed;
During holidays you leave your oyster card at home
Using metal plates
on both sites
Not expensive;
It works as long you have two metal cards
There must be a card at each side It is metal; it get crooked or curved
Using a metal safety box It is safe Expensive;
The box doesn't fit in your wallet;
It is not comfortable in your trouser pocket;
It needs a special place in your handbag
Having a Secure wallet Good solution Expensive;
You will need a new wallet; the design is restricted
Using the Card Shield Good solution;
What can we say, this is our solution.
If you detect disadvantages, please let us know


Since the start of electronic payments, we have been trying to make the electronic payments more safe. Our experience is that solutions only work if the usability is simple.
The Card Shield can be added to your wallet just like all other cards. That is all.

No matter what kind of solution you use, the most important is that you use A solution and that you are aware of the risks.