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Contactless payment is the latest step in paying with your debit and credit card. Although this step makes life easier again, every step forward creates new threats.



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Everyone with a mobile POS can make a contactless money transfer from your card to their account, if device and card are close enough together. Normally you tap your card at the device, but criminals can hold their device near your card as well, on the bus, or at the train station, or just on the street or in the supermarket, without you noticing anything. Not only in the UK, but everywhere.

Contactless pickpocketing

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A criminal only needs two seconds besides or behind you with a mobile POS in his hand or even in his jacket, to do a contactless money transfer until 30 pounds from your account to the criminal’s one. Because it is that easy, it is profitable. Moreover, he can even do this three times in a row and send the money abroad,  although then he would need at least 6 seconds, of course.

Although the bank might be able to retrieve the name belonging to the account used by the criminal, this doesn’t mean that you’ll get your money back. And how far would you go for 20 pounds? And would you immediately send a request if you cannot explain 24.95? And if you wait, can you retrieve all the previous information? In meantime, the criminals just go on; one hour contains 1800 times 2 seconds and criminals can transfer money pretty fast.

‘Small’ amounts can be transferred without a PIN, while these criminals are hard to recognise. They can use a standard UK-approved POS, or any other POS for that matter, for instance one from Russia or Hungary; a payment is just a secure transaction via the Internet.

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